Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pro-Life Bus Ads Do Not Victimize Women

“Signs For Life are victimizing women who need an abortion for health reasons, women who have been raped, women who want an abortion simply because they are not ready to be a parent,” Murphy wrote.

It's time we tell feminists to stop the victim ploy.

I think it's time we end the feminist emotional extortion.

Messages with unpleasant truths do not victimize anyone.

Just because some women have had traumatic experiences doesn't give feminists the right to tell pro-lifers to stop speaking out because it triggers bad feelings.

Feminists have no right to politicize their pain and use it to extort silence from pro-lifers.

We don't stop talking about traumatic situations or triggery facts just because people have lived through traumatic situations.

There are women who have lived through traumatic childbirths.

Do we stop reminding women that natural childbirth is the least risky method?

Do we discourage women from asking for elective caesareans?


Only pro-lifers must stop saying what they think.

The calls for consideration are clearly politically (and emotionally driven).

The fact is: feminists can't win their argument unless they appeal to emotion or get emotional.

The emotion is meant to bypass dispassionate examination of the issue.

Because they fear that dispassionate examination indeed will overlook emotions because the truth is, feelings are not that important.

They have some importance.

But on the priority list, off the top of my head, they are a lot less important than:

1) truth
2) human rights
3) human life
4) personal responsibility
5) free discussion of issues

Emotional pain cannot be an excuse to reason and debate publicly.