Monday, January 27, 2014

Mark Steyn on Richard Warman and FreeDominion


Like Dr Michael Mann, who's currently in court in British Columbia, the District of Columbia and (for all I know) Colombia, Richard Warman is a serial SLAPPer. In fairness to my nemesis, Mann at least sues to inject a little court-ordered Viagra into his ever more flaccid hockey stick. Warman, on the other hand, sues merely for fun and profit, as an extension of his role as Canada's self-appointed Hatefinder-General. As eventually emerged at a Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal hearing, he adopts Internet disguises and posts as a "hatemonger" on so-called "hate sites", and then sues those sites. Very foolishly, the Canadian courts have rewarded him for playing dress-up Nazi. I met Mark and Connie Fournier in Ottawa at the CHRT "secret trial" that Maclean's QC Julian Porter and I succeeded in getting opened up and revealed to public gaze. They're brave and tenacious fighters of a kind Canada needs more of, but professional SLAPPer Richard Warman has done them in.

While soliciting for funds for his defense against Mann, he was generous enough to ask that his fans donate to Mark and Connie.