Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Why Can't Abortion Supporters Admit the Facts?

Asks Julie at Concerned for Life. She writes:

What constantly surprises me is the negative reaction to a basic biological fact - Luc's life did begin nine months before he was born into the world. The ad does not say Luc was a person nine months ago, it simply states when his life began. Why is it that pro-choicers cannot admit this fact that is written into every medical text? They can say they don't believe Luc was a person; we are not arguing that philosophical point. We are simply stating something that people who support abortion do not want to admit: the fact that this baby is a live organism during its entire time in the womb. It really is quite ignorant to deny such a basic fact. Surely their argument against being pro-life should be based on something more factual than their visceral reaction to this simple statement.

Now some people who support abortion will admit that life begins at conception and that the embryo is a human being, at least in a biological sense.

However, it has been my experience that most will not.

Many know that once you admit that the embryo is a human being, you are ceding the argumentative ground to the pro-life cause.

And so in the name of politics, they deny the embryo is a human being. Even if all the facts show it.

This is why it's important to forward the facts.
Truth always wins.