Thursday, January 09, 2014

15-year-old dies after stopping suicide bomber in Pakistan

God bless this boy's soul:
THE father of a Pakistani teenager killed after tackling a suicide bomber has hailed his son for saving "hundreds'' of lives through his bravery.

Aitzaz Hassan, aged around 15, died in hospital after stopping the bomber, who blew himself up, at the gates of his school in the northwestern district of Hangu on Monday.

His father Mujahid Ali Bangash, 55, said he felt not sadness but pride at his son's death.

"Aitzaz has made us proud by valiantly intercepting the bomber and saving the lives of hundreds of his fellow students,'' he said. "I am happy that my son has become a martyr by sacrificing his life for a noble cause.''


Police official Shakirullah Bangash said that Aitzaz intercepted the bomber some 150 metres away from the main gate of the school, which has around 1000 students, most of them Shiite.

The schoolchildren were the target of the attack, he added.

Wow. Now that's guts.

Dear Muslim World: this is the example more of you need to follow. To uphold life, not destroy it. To be prepared to suffer for a cause rather than kill someone for it.