Wednesday, February 05, 2014

2/3 of British Abortion Clients Were Using Contraception

I will say it again:

Contraception is not the solution to abortion.

Abortion is the solution to contraception.

Contraception fails.

When it fails, the alternative is very often "let's just have a baby".

It's abortion. And pronto.

Some time I read a fact that gives pause for reflection.

A woman who wants no children and and plans to use the Pill over the course of her reproductive life must take approximately 10 000 tablets, one every day, without fail, for about 30 years.

Missing one single pill could have dire consequences.

That level of perfection is impossible.

So of course it will fail.

Of course abortion will the most likely option (assuming you aren't strongly pro-life).

The truth is: contraception sucks.

It involves the very thing that leads one to eschew abstinence, which is responsibility.

It's the boring part of having a sex life.

People don't like boring. That's why they don't want to wait around to get married and have sex.

They don't like all the boring parts about taking a pill every day, or putting on a condom, or any of the other gestures associated with sexual activity.

They just want to do it without the fuss.

In Catholic circles, just wanting to have sex without regards to contraception is considered absolutely normal.

I never realized how steeped I was in the contraceptive mentality until I hung out on a message board for Catholic moms, and there were women there who completely did away with any kind of family planning.

This was foreign and radical to me. Not sinful-- just, unheard of and strange.

In their universe, and in ours, ignoring family planning (even when you're using NFP) is normal. Well of course you want to have sex even if it's your fertile day. Duh! You both want to? Why not?

In the contraceptive mentality, this is irresponsible. Having sex without contraception (and not planning on a baby!) Who ever heard of that! Insane! Doing it naturally? But your fertility will get in the way...

Normal people want this kind of sex (without the baby). They don't want to have to take a pill or put on a condom, or any of that other crap.

Except it's impossible  to completely control one's fertility. People very much want to believe in complete control over fertility. That's why they believe the illusion that contraception will give you complete control. There is no such thing unless you get properly sterilized. And that isn't really control, it's getting rid of it.

And that's why contraception is not the answer. The only answer to abortion is to embrace one's fertility and love the unborn child. That's it.