Sunday, March 02, 2014

RU 486 or RU4 Health?

Johanne Brownrigg at CLC:

Now feminists want women in remote locations, without easy access to doctors, to be able to take RU 486 at home. Sadly, it’s that very lack of access to medical follow up which could cause devastating effects in these women should their backyard abortion go wrong. The RU 486 side effects range from deeply unpleasant to very difficult to deadly. But what is that to pro-abortion feminists. The right to abortion for any reason is unquestionable, unchallengeable. If some women have to die to prove it, so be it. We’ve already seen the absurdity of this absolutism.

You know how feminists argue that countries that ban abortion see the highest abortion rates and the highest maternal mortality?

There's a very simple reason for that:

It's that these are also the countries with subpar healthcare systems.

It's the lack of access to doctors that makes their abortions unsafe (for the women).

That's what they're trying to push in rural Canada: abortions on women whose access to healthcare is already difficult.

Now RU486 isn't exactly Misoprostol-- it has a lower failure rate, but it has killed women, and the abortions themselves are no walk in the park. Excessive bleeding is not uncommon and many medical professionals omit to tell the women the important detail that they may end up seeing their dead baby.

Gee, I wonder what effect that could have on one's psyche. I mean, we don't want to show women abortion pics, but don't bother to tell them they may see their own dead baby.

These are the cheap abortions. Some women may choose these abortions, but they're the cheap ones. They're slow, they're isolating, and they're inherently more dangerous, especially at a later gestational age. Consider with what factory-like efficiency a clinic could hand out these abortions if they didn't have to have a medical doctor on hand to do them. With the decline of the number of abortionists, this is their salvation, folks. They know they can't keep up if they can't hand it out in a pill.