Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Andrew Coyne Looks at Quebec with Rose-Coloured Glasses

I don't think he understands French Quebeckers at all.

He lists what he thinks are reasons to believe that Quebeckers have decided Canada isn't so bad at all.

I think French Quebeckers got fed up with the irresolvable nature of their political hurts.

I think most French Quebeckers are still essentially nationalist. Do this thought experiment: imagine if Bill 101/Bill 178 were to be abolished. Think that would pass?

Quebec's relationship with the rest of Canada is like a bad marriage where you think your spouse is okay, you don't really want to go through a messy divorce, or be single, but you have a mental list of long-standing hurts that never get addressed.

And at some point, after you keep hitting a brick wall when trying to fix your problems, you decide to give up the fight. Not because you've given up on your feelings. But the bills are piling up, the house needs to be fixed, the kids need to be parented and a whole pile of other things need to get done.

And, like the song says, you haven't got time for the pain.

So there are plenty of dormant separatists who stopped voting PQ (like Fran├žois Legault!) and who just want to get on with their political lives.

Quebec separatism can be re-triggered. There's nothing in the culture that suggests otherwise.