Monday, April 07, 2014

If I lived in Toronto, I'd be very tempted to vote for Rob Ford

Lorrie Goldstein:

Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Irv Wolkoff explains it this way: “Behind the support for Ford is an obvious cynicism and disenchantment on behalf of voters with traditional politics. One way of saying we have no confidence in the system is by supporting someone who, given his conduct, shouldn’t have our confidence.”

Part of Ford’s attractiveness to his most loyal supporters, says Wolkoff, is the fact that he is still mayor and campaigning for re-election angers the very people they are angry about.

Supporting Ford is their way of saying, ‘I hate the Toronto Star, I hate Olivia Chow, I hate the progressive-lefties living downtown, I hate Wynne and the Liberals’.”

The thing, there isn't much to vote for if you don't vote for Rob Ford.

I really like him. But he has a drinking problem. A serious drinking problem.

But the mayor's job isn't to piss off his opponents, it's to run a city.

I wish this was something you could solve by a trip to rehab. It's not.