Thursday, May 22, 2014

From Our Crazy Liberal Pope Files: Pope Francis Excommunicates Prez of "We Are Church"

Quoted from The Eponymous Flower:

Rome ( Pope Francis has excommunicated the President of the anti-Roman platform "We are Church," Martha Heizer (67), and her husband, Gert. This was reported by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on Thursday. Because the two Tyroleans regularly simulated Eucharistic celebrations, which is a serious offense ("delictum gravius") so were faced with excommunication, ie, they are excluded from the Church's sacraments. Bishop Scheuer wanted yesterday evening to deliver Rome's decree, but this was rejected by both. The President of the platform "We are Church" and those who helped launch the Church referendum were "shocked by the intervention" of Rome. 

He did what Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI would not do.

Mind you, they did commit a serious fault in simulating the Eucharist.

Grave heresy and revolt should be sufficient for excommunication.

Still, I'm happy to see dissidents disciplined. I'm sick of people wanting to change the Church and distort the Catholic Faith.