Friday, May 30, 2014

Pro-Life Liberal Withdraws From Nomination Contest

National Post:

Knutson said he could not commit to following Trudeau’s requirement that all future Liberal MPs vote pro-choice on bills and motions touching on abortion. “While I appreciate the general need for solidarity within caucus, I cannot abide by a requirement to vote against my personal conscience on this issue,” he wrote in a letter to supporters this week. “Furthermore, I believe that difficult issues such as balancing the rights of a woman to control her own body against respect for the unborn deserved to be discussed openly in Parliament without precondition.”

This is extremely poor Liberal strategy.

If Knutson had run in my riding against a less pro-life candidate, I would have voted for him.

And so would all of my prolife friends.

We care less about party colours than prolife stance.

Harper is at least somewhat more intelligent. He says: you can believe what you want, vote what you want, we won't raise the issue.

All Trudeau had to do was adopt a similar policy-- like Chretien did.

But no. Three weeks after his famous statement, we're still talking about abortion.

I guess I'm thankful about that.