Sunday, June 01, 2014

Denmark: Widespread Emergency Contraception Use Fails to Lower Abortion Numbers

Gee, if we just expand contraceptive choices, we'll lower the abortion rate.


A new Scandinavian study reveals that every second young woman between the age of 18 and 30 has taken a morning-after pill following sex.

The study, compiled by UserNeeds on the behalf of Bayer Healthcare, showed that 46 percent of young Danish women have taken a morning-after pill and that sales have doubled over the past decade.

The health authorities, Sundhedsstyrelsen, said that the increase itself isn’t a problem, but morning-after pills are far from being as effective

”Generally, one can say that morning-after pills are an emergency measure,” Jens Heisterberg, a doctor for Sundhedsstyrelsen, told Metroxpress newspaper.

And has it lowered the abortion numbers in Denmark?

Year    Number of Abortions

2001   15315    
2002   14991    
2003   15622    
2004   15231    
2005   15295    
2006   15227    
2007   16072    
2008   16777    
2009   16657    
2010   16103    
2011   16362

So sales have doubled, but the abortion numbers are basically the same.

Proving once again that contraception does not lower abortion rates.

And this is an interesting tidbit:

The figures don’t surprise gynaecologist Christine Felding, who adds that more young women than before are getting abortions and that parents need to take more responsibility.

“Young girls are losing their virginity earlier and earlier and therefore need advice from someone they care about, but unfortunately, parents often turn a blind eye,” Felding said.

Felding contends that a lack of parental guidance leads to young women automatically choosing the birth control pill, even though they would be better served with a form of long-term contraception, like a hormone spiral.

Remember when being responsible meant going on the Pill?

The Pill was supposed to solve the abortion problem. All these girls going on the Pill, but we figured out, hey it doesn't lower the abortion rate, it just makes it worse.

This news story is over a month old, but I came across it when I read this headline:

Council handing out contraceptives to curb number of young mothers and abortions

Because all that contraception has done so much good.