Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trudeau Steps into the Abortion Debate Yet Again


"It is not for a room full of predominantly male legislators to take away those rights from women."

Just 25 per cent of Canadian MPs are women. Forty per cent of Canadian senators are women.

What if women were in the majority?

See, he's making this about men versus women.

Interesting how nobody considers the reality how born people take the rights of the unborn.

And it looks like Trudeau may meet with a bishop:

Bishop Christian Riesbeck said that if the Liberal leader refused a meeting and continued to practise his Catholic faith in the form of receiving communion, it would be unseemly.

"It's the fact that he considers himself to be a devout Catholic but then adheres to, or advocates for, abortion," said Riesbeck. "That is scandalous," he said, as opposition to abortion has been a clear and unchanging teaching of the church.

Trudeau said Wednesday that his office responded to the archdiocese but no meeting has been set up. He said he's open to it.

"I look forward to sitting down with any and all faith leaders to talk about issues that are important to them. But the Liberal Party is unequivocal. We stand up for women's rights," he said.

Asked whether it was hard to hear he may not be able to receive communion at Ottawa churches, Trudeau said he wanted to hear it from Prendergast.

"I look forward to having a conversation with the bishop where he can explain, if that is the case, his views on that," he said.
Does Trudeau even go to church? Which one? The churches in Ottawa tend to be very pro-life. Perhaps a French one might be more accommodating, but somehow I doubt it.