Wednesday, June 11, 2014

VIDEO: Campaign Worker Caught Taking Down Progressive-Conservative Signs in Ottawa-South

Scummy behaviour.

From the blog of Matt Young, PC Candidate in Ottawa-South:

This morning, a campaign worker was caught illegally removing PC Signs at Walkely and Conroy in the riding of Ottawa South. This individual claimed to be an NDP volunteer working directly for Andrea Horwath, but the NDP campaign has confirmed that he is not one of their volunteers. Furthermore, the back of his truck was filled with Liberal John Fraser signs. He became quite defensive when a PC campaign volunteer confronted him about this.


It is also curious to note that this happened only minutes after the Liberal candidate for Ottawa South held a press conference in front of the Heron and Alta Vista sign location.

Did John Fraser's campaign order these signs to be removed?

For more information please call Lisa Hardey 613.791.6661.