Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another Article Illustrating Why We Don't Need Feminism

This is a history article written by an M.A. student in History and Gender Studies underscoring the "need" for feminism.

This is based on the premise that we have achieved reproductive justice. With several birth control options widely available, the decriminalization of abortion, and sex education required by provincial curricula, those downplaying the relevance of feminism argue that victory was achieved in the fight for reproductive rights. This argument that we live in a “post feminist society” stems from a lack of understanding, or misunderstanding, of feminism and reproductive rights.[2] The misconception that reproductive rights have been achieved is concerning, as it encourages society to ignore the social barriers and the issues of access that remain prevalent today.

Ugh, that condescending attitude. If you think we don't need feminism, it's because you don't really understand reproductive rights.

There are barriers, see.

And what is the barrier she underscores in her article?

Parental control.

That's right. Trying to exercise your parental control in what your kid learns about sex, and whether they should have sex at all is a bad thing.

And I have a question here: what exactly is the inequality being addressed here? That teen boys can have sex with "impunity" [nevermind STD's!] but girls can't? Is that the inequality being fought?

Like "that's not fair!"

It's not fair that girls can't be as promiscuous as boys!

And it's not fair they are "slut-shamed" with blogposts like this one.

Oh the humanity!

Check out the tone of the article:

The 1974 controversy around the LBCIC [Lethbridge Birth Control and Information Centre], therefore, reflects larger intergenerational conflicts around premarital sex, birth control use, and youth’s access to abortion, ultimately symptomatic of moral panic around the family and hierarchies of power within the family unit prevalent nationally and internationally in the 1970s.

Note the phraseology: "moral panic".

Caring about the fall out from sexual activity is "moral panic".

"Hierarchies of power". As if parental authority were oppressive.

Check out her conclusion:

Adult control over youth’s sexuality remains today despite the 1973 creation of CALM and the establishment of mandatory sex education in the Alberta curriculum.[31] For example, the program remains the prerogative of the parents who decide whether or not their children are allowed to participate
Yeah, and that's horrible!

It's interesting because, there's no attempt to see whether the people pushing contraception and sexual education ever succeeded in their aims.

A cursory examination of historical abortion stats in Alberta seems it has been a failure.

In 1974,  there were 4300 abortions in Alberta. In 2010, there 12 400 abortions.

In 1985, the abortion rate per woman was 13.1. Today the rate is 19.7

If access to contraception was the ready solution to unwanted pregnancy, we'd have solved the problem by now.

Of course it's not the answer.

Because contraception fails.

Because people forget to use contraception.

Because people live under the illusion that if they use contraception, they can't pregnant.

All over the western world, even in the most progressive countries, abortion and STD's are a major problem

Well yeah, but in progressive countries, there is a lower abortion rate.

Even if I were to grant that point, in the end, they have not made a real dent in unwanted pregnancy rates and abortion.

Even in a place like the Netherlands, which has a relatively low abortion rate, the abortion rate went from 3.7 in 1970 to 8.5 in 2012.

This is a solution?

 A real solution would reduce the problem by at least half.

And nothing has.

But for leftists, results often don't matter. Ideology trumps facts.