Monday, August 25, 2014

B.C. Grandmother Kills Self to Avoid Consequences of Dementia

During lucid moments in the last two years, Bennett wrote about her decision. Vegetating for years in a hospital — in diapers, incompetent, a financial and physical burden — was a prospect she perceived as “ludicrous and wasteful.”

“Her position wasn’t just that she didn’t want to be a burden to others,” said Jonathan. “She was also considering the kind of life she would have. It would have been hard on the rest of us and not good enough for her.”

This says a lot about her view of the elderly and the disabled, in general.

If she thought she would be a burden, then, at least unconciously, she perceived the elderly and the disabled as burdens.

We really need to build more euthanasia-free hospitals and nursing homes.

And here's a new narrative pro-lifers can develop:

“If someone could have helped her, she wouldn’t have had to die yesterday. She could have waited. If the law was different so that she could have had help, she would not have had to choose to end her life as soon as she did. That is the hardest thing.”

Sara struggles to hold back her tears. “Even though my mom died painlessly in exactly the way she chose, at the time she chose, knowing that she left the legacy she chose, it’s still unbelievably painful.”