Monday, August 25, 2014

John Paul II Medical Research Institute: Prolife Medical Research

With the perpetuation of embryonic stem cell research and other anti-life research, a prolifer can feel overwhelmed about the issue of where to donate to medical research.

Although embryonic stem cell research is on the wane, there is nothing to say that other anti-life measures are not being used.

The John Paul II Medical Research Institute bypasses all those problems.

They only conduct medical research consistent with pro-life values.

They focus on neurodegenerative and other hard-to-treat diseases. They conduct research that will be of use for the treatment of a number of diseases. Right now they recruit patients to collect tissue for their research.

I'm very happy to have discovered this page because I want to support medical research, but I've never had a genuinely pro-life alternative.

You can like their facebook page here.