Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Margaret Trudeau: "I really believe a child to be alive from the moment it is conceived"

Following up on my blog post on Margaret Trudeau's abortion at age 17, I discovered this nugget about her views on abortion. Now, of course, she may have "evolved" since the 1970s. Nevertheless, it's worth noting, if only for the historical record. Here's a quote from an article written by the Associated Press, published in the Free-Lance Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia) on March 8th, 1976:

She assesses her views on abortion and birth control as "very liberal."

Because I have been pregnant and given life, I find that personally, I really believe a child to be alive from the moment it is conceived -- that's a mixture of spiritual and physical feeling."

"That doesn't mean that I don't think some women should have abortion made available to them. I can certainly see many instances when it really is the best way."

(Associated Press, "More than a Rose in Her Husband's Lapel", The Free Lance Star, March 8, 1976,)

So I'm going to assume that she loved her son Justin from the womb.

Wasn't he lucky to have been loved by his mother when he was unborn, and yet so many children are denied that same privilege?

I also find it interesting that we can know Margaret Trudeau's opinion of when human life begins, but we don't know Justin Trudeau's, and he's the one running for office. Will no one put the question to him?