Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stop calling abortion a ‘difficult decision’: Columnist

I agree with the idea that, for many women, abortion is not a difficult decision for some women.

 Most poor-choice activists don't give a bleep about the elimination of human life. Their attitude is: if a baby has to die in the name of bodily autonomy, so what?

Most people don't think that way. Most people have some qualms about abortion, because they have some consideration for the fetus.

Pro-abortion activists have none, but they didn't want to seem like they have none, because then they would look heartless, selfish and morally shallow.

And if they abandon the "abortion is a difficult decision" meme-- there will alienate some moderates. From Quebec, I hear a lot of "abortion shouldn't be used as a method of contraception." Meaning: human life deserves some consideration.

Not that I think it would change any votes, but it would be a plus for the pro-life cause.