Saturday, August 30, 2014

Study Examines the Association Between Religion and Contraceptive Use in Nigeria

I thought the results were a little surprising.

The role of religion in contraceptive use is an issue of significant debate. This study employed the 1990 and 2008 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey data to examine differences and similarities in the influence of religious affiliation on non-use of modern contraceptives in Nigeria over the last two decades. The results suggest that a significant increase has occurred in the level of awareness of modern contraceptives in Nigeria over the last two decades, but that non-use remains very high. Religion could not independently predict non-use of modern contraceptives in 1990. Women of Islam and Traditional religions were more likely to have never used or not to be using modern contraceptives compared with Catholics and Protestants in 2008 (p<0.05). This can be explained by their poorer socioeconomic status relative to Catholics and Protestants. Therefore, improving women's socioeconomic status is an imperative in the promotion of modern contraception in Nigeria. Education and employment are critical in this regard and adherents of Islam and Traditional religions require special attention.

Did anyone ask these women whether they WANT to use contraception?

Note how they're trying to "market" contraception.

It appears that contraception is available there.

Are they rejecting contraception?

Shouldn't we respect the rejection of contraception?

I would have thought Catholics would reject contraception more than Muslims. But of course a religious label doesn't always indicate level of belief.