Friday, August 29, 2014

Autistic Adults Must Be Responsible for Their Behaviour

The mother of a Burger King employee caught on video shoving and hitting members of a pro-life activist group and kicking down their signs during an obscenity-laden tirade against “male privilege” says she will file a civil lawsuit against the pro-life group due to the “emotional distress” her family has experienced after the embarrassing clip went viral online. 
Duran’s mother, Anairis Carter, who lives in Florida, fought the charges, claiming her daughter is autistic and therefore can’t be blamed for her actions.  The county prosecutor dropped the criminal charges, but ordered Duran to pay $80 to Created Equal to cover the cost of the posters she destroyed. 
Now, Carter is suing Created Equal for emotional distress.  She says that ever since the group posted video of her daughter’s violent outburst, her family has received threats and harassment, driving her to purchase a security system for their house.
What a load. 

I find that there's a culture of deresponsibilisation among parents of autistic children.

The attitude is: autistic people can't be "blamed" for their actions because of their condition.

Nuh-uh. If you want to be part of the normal adult world, you have to be responsible for your behaviour.

I sympathize with the mother in regards to her receiving threats.

Dear people: we can't win the war by being jerk. We SHOULDN'T win the war that way.

That being said, Victoria Duran's outburst was public and completely unacceptable. There are consequences to assault and destruction of property. And her autism cannot be an excuse to exonerate her.