Friday, August 29, 2014

UPDATE: Toronto Jesus Parade Back On: Why Didn't I Know About This?

UPDATE: Of course, I should have googled it BEFORE I wrote this rant.

Jesus Parade is Back ON.

Rob Ford stepped in on behalf of Christians.

But nevertheless, my comments remain.

Here's the website.

And yes, they do have a facebook page. Only two of my friends like this page.

I suppose this brouhaha will help solve the issues I raised in my original post!

I reserve judgement regarding the cancellation of the Jesus Parade permit.

My question is:

How come, in all my years as active social conseravtive in Ontario, I'd never heard of this Toronto Jesus Parade?

I am connected to many leading social conservative voices, many prominent Catholic voices through facebook (and a few Protestants, too).

Nobody has ever sent me a facebook invite. (And the fact that I live in Ottawa is no excuse-- plenty of people send me invites to events thousands of miles away.)

Nobody ever talked about it.

Dear Social Conservatives of Canada: we suck at networking and mobilization.

Get with the program.

How do you expect to have cultural clout if you can't even let your side know about these events on social media?

If you're a social conservative activist, and you're not on facebook, twitter or another relevant social media site: you don't exist. If nobody talks about you, you don't exist.

I find this lack of basic know-how to be very frustrating.