Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why The Coat Hanger Argument is Stupid


Of course, whether or not it’s legal, there will always be a few people who make unwise decisions. I recently became aware of the fact that women are dying from black-market silicone butt injections. Cosmetic surgery is obviously legal, but legitimate doctors refuse to perform this particular procedure due to its risks. The alternative procedures that cosmetic surgeons are willing to do are prohibitively expensive. So you have a situation where women are risking their lives to exercise full control over their bodies.
Raise your hand if you think that the solution to the butt injection problem is to make the procedure available on demand and without apology.
Raise your hand if you think that that’s a horrible idea and maybe, just maybe, the better approach is to attack the root cause (e.g. body image issues) and continue to punish the sleazebags who profit off of women’s suffering.

Trust women! They say.
Shouldn't we trust women not to kill themselves with coat hangers?
The coat hanger argument rests on the premise that an abortion isn't killing a human being.
Or that it's worse for a woman to die than for a baby to die. (It's bad for either of them to die!)
It also rests on the idea that desperation excuses women from personal responsibility. Hey! She couldn't help sticking that coat hanger up her crotch! She wasn't thinking straight!
It's actually infantilizing.
If a woman doesn't want to die from an illegal abortion she shouldn't have one.
She doesn't have the right to kill her unborn child.
She does have responsibility towards her baby.