Sunday, September 14, 2014

MUST-READ: Long-Term Probability of Contraceptive Failure (New York Times)

Contraception is supposed to be the solution to abortion.

It's supposed to reduce abortion.

Statistics show this is wrong.

But people put faith in that belief anyway.

People make the assumption that contraception solves the problem of abortion because they assume that with the introduction of contraception, rates of sexual activity remain the same.

People engage in sexual activity using contraception and think pregnancy will never happen to me.

Whereas in the age before widespread contraception and abortion, there wasn't nearly as much sexual activity. And people accepted that pregnancy was the natural result of sex and welcomed their children.

Take a look at these very informative charts on the likelihood of contraceptive failure over a ten year period. The follow is the number of women who will become pregnant in a ten year period after typical use.

Condom: 86 in 100

The Pill: 61 in 100 (Even perfect use has a 1 in 10 rate!)

Depo-Provera: 46 in 100 (Shocking! It's supposed to be fullproof!)

Copper IUD: 8 in 100 -- that's 1 in 12! For something that's supposed to be so safe, that stat is kinda scary!

Female Sterilization: 5 in 100. 1 in 20

Levonogestrel IUD: 2 in 100. 1 in 50.

The only thing that stops abortion is the acceptance of the child that is the result of sexual activity. If the child is not loved, he will be aborted.

Promoting contraception as a means to prevent fetal death is self-defeating.

When Catholics said contraception leads to abortion, we were right.