Sunday, September 14, 2014

Women Who Are Denied Abortion More Likely to Remain With Partner: Study

From an abstract:

When a woman who seeks an abortion cannot obtain one, having a child may reshape her relationship with the man involved in the pregnancy. No research has compared how relationship trajectories are affected by different outcomes of an unwanted pregnancy.

Data from the Turnaway Study, a prospective longitudinal study of women who sought abortion in 2008–2010 at one of 30 U.S. facilities, are used to assess relationships over two years among 862 women who had abortions or were denied them because they had passed the facility's gestational age limit. Mixed-effects models analyze effects of abortion or birth on women's relationships with the men involved.

At conception, most women (80%) were in romantic relationships with the men involved. One week after seeking abortion, 61% were; two years later, 37% were. Compared with women who obtained an abortion near the facility's gestational age limit, women who gave birth had greater odds of having ongoing contact with the man (odds ratio at two years, 1.7). The odds of romantic involvement at two years did not differ by group; however, the decline in romantic involvement was initially slower among those giving birth. Relationship quality did not differ between groups.

Giving birth temporarily prolonged romantic relationships of women in this study; most romantic relationships ended soon, whether or not the woman had an abortion. However, giving birth increased the odds of nonromantic contact between women and the men involved throughout the ensuing two years.
In other words, if you give birth, you're tied to your man. How horrible is that! If you get pregnant and give birth, you're stuck having contact with the guy for the foreseeable future.

Maybe it should give people pause about who they decide to sleep with.

I'd be interested in learning the results for married women who are denied abortions, whether their marriage status has a protective effect on their relationship. A "romantic relationship" doesn't speak to the degree of commitment of both partners.

Effect of Abortion vs. Carrying to Term on a Woman's Relationship with the Man Involved in the Pregnancy
By Jane Mauldon1, Diana Greene Foster2 andSarah C. M. Roberts2
Article first published online: 8 SEP 2014
DOI: 10.1363/47e2315