Friday, October 03, 2014

Pro-Aborts Show Up at Victoria 40 Days for Life: Police Intervene

How did I miss this story?

Nothing like that ever happens in Ottawa. Hardly ever.

But the part that really made me laugh out loud:

The receptionist at the Vancouver Island Women’s Health Clinic would not comment.

A pro-life outfit phoning an abortion facility for comment. Not that's chutzpah. Effrontery, even.

I suppose whatever ties up their phone lines is a good thing.

The thing about pro-aborts is that I don't think you can oppose pro-life protests in a classy way. Because the very reasons for your opposition are not classy.

Anal sex saves? Fist your friends? Yeah, that's some counter-messaging.

I mean the idea of women's bodily autonomy can be expressed in polite terms, but opponents seem to go for the most vulgar, shocking response possible.

It's almost like if they don't appeal to the genitals, they can't push their agenda forward.