Friday, October 03, 2014

Let's Stop the Phobia Hysteria

Gavin McInnes hits it out of the ballpark with this column:

Oh yeah, that’s another thing: Ann Coulter does not literally want to submerge her philosophical opponents in water until they die. This is called “hyperbole.” When she suggested we kill Meghan McCain, she was doing a thing called “kidding.” You know who wants to personally murder everyone who disagrees with them? Nobody. This is a fictional unicorn the left has created. Nobody hates all blacks just because they’re black. Okay, maybe seven old guys in America feel that way, but they also hate Greeks and Portuguese. This idea of blanket hatred of an entire group no matter what is so startlingly na├»ve, I’ve become thirsty to meet one of these unicorns so I can keep him in captivity and study him.

The same goes for the alleged hatred of women and gays.

People who favour fetal rights are not misogynists.

People who think sodomy is a sin are not homophobes (for lack of a better word).

And yes there are people in this world who hate the Catholic faith but don't hate Catholics.

And I'm sure there will be people in the combox who will cite examples of anti-abortionists who are genuine misogynsts.

Most people when they talk don't qualify everything they say, you're expected to know what they mean and that's call social intelligence.

[And no, I don't think suggesting we kill Meghan McCain is funny even in jest, but McInnes has a point about not taking everyone that literally.]