Thursday, October 02, 2014

This is Exactly Why Euthanasia Cannot Be Legalized

The medical community can be wrong.

This girl was declared ‘clinically dead,’ but now her parents want the death certificate revoked so they can bring her home

I know people say: "my body, my choice."

The problem is that the medical community often projects its own prejudices onto people, and sometimes makes the more expedient diagnosis.

She was considered brain dead, without hope, without any future.

How many patients like this will end up euthanised because it was easier to be hopeless than to treat?

People say that the death penalty should be eliminated because innocent people are executed.

The logic is equally true for euthanasia.

If you give the medical community the permission to kill, they will kill the wrong people.

This story also shows that there's a problem with the legal definition of death.

If you can be legally dead and come back to life-- the definition of "death" is flawed in the first place.