Friday, November 28, 2014

Link Dump: Fake Pro-Lifers, Ezra Levant, North Korea, etc

Another selection of links that have caught my attention:

"Pro-life" Liberal candidate won’t rule out voting on abortion law

I put "pro-life" in quotations because I think that if you're against the criminalization of abortion (as she is), you're not pro-life. But I think this argues for the use of the phrase "fetal rights". You can't be against legislating for fetal rights and still for fetal rights. I think it's a phrase that brings more clarity to the discussion.

Confessions of a Doctor review – when GPs were men and (mostly) right

This is a review of a BBC documentary about doctors in the 1970s. This documentary paints a pretty shady portrait of how doctors rolled in the 70s.

McDonald's in church? It'll happen if 'McMass' gets their way

Ezra Levant Loses Libel Case, Owes Khurrum Awan $80,000

New Brunswick: Abortion reforms will cost hospitals more, official says

I'm sure all the elderly waiting for operations are thrilled.

North Korea Warns of Punishment for US, Allies. QUOTE:

The North Korean statement denies and rejects the human rights resolution. It says the resolution is an attack on the country’s sovereignty. The statement says the resolution is a “declaration of war.”

Stillborn at 40 Weeks: Canada Says My Sister Wasn’t a Human Being

40 week fetus? What? It's only human life. It's not like it's anything important.