Thursday, November 27, 2014

Link Dump: New Brunswick, Male Contraception, Satan

I'm feeling a little sick these days, so here are a few links that caught my attention:

Why there won't be a male pill any time soon:

This isn’t a lone theory. In an interview with The Independent, legendary Austrian-American scientist Carl Djerassi, the guy known as the father of the pill, voiced his own doubts on a male equivalent becoming a reality – because men don’t demand it.

Brian Gallant: the Charter made me do it

Quoting Peter Ryan:

“No law or Supreme Court ruling has ever stated that a province must provide abortion on demand. What’s going on is a pro-abortion ideology is being imposed upon New Brunswick. That’s wrong.”

Satan at His Most Subtle: A Reflection on the Temptations and Traps of the Pious

Satan can use anything to make the pious fall. Anything. Your orthodoxy. Your support for fetal rights. Your love of Jesus. Anything. The only antidote is humility.

‘A day of shame’: New Brunswick premier scraps abortion regulations to ‘improve access’

So now any medical doctor can perform abortions.

Just like the good ole days before legalization, when we were told women were being butchered by quacks.

I don't doubt there were a few quacks. But the reality is that most abortions were done by medically trained professionals who had a vested interest in doing the job right, and most women didn't die from backstreet abortions.

That's another myth that should be laid to rest. The main factor in abortion morbidity is access to healthcare, it's not legality.