Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Today's Link Dump: Abortion, Catholic Church, Euthanasia,

A few observations on abortion access in Canada. QUOTE:

An enormous amount of work would have to be done in Quebec to start rebuilding the pro-life consensus there.

Until you do it, Quebec, there will never be any fetal rights legislation. The same goes for New York and Los Angeles, Us pro-lifers: until you make inroads in such culturally important places, fetal rights will always be elusive.

Groundbreaking Technology Could Allow Parents to See Hologram of Their Unborn Baby

Imagine what pro-lifers could do if we could get our hands on that thing. It would be fabulous for Crisis Pregnancy Centres.

German bishops mull allowing Church employees to live in same-sex relationships

Ontario gvmt agency pulls funding from pregnancy centre because it won’t refer for abortions. Meanwhile BWM has this:

Oh look…the CEO of the Ontario Trillium Foundation is:…. Andrea Cohen Barrack just “happens” to be the Chair of the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region!

LATE TERM ABORTION IS A “GOOD PARENTING ACT” SAYS ABORTIONIST. Because dismembering your baby to save him from a life of suffering is just so loving.

Netherlands aims to increase organ donations by euthanasia victims