Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Study Examines Outcome of Resuscitated Babies Born at 23 Weeks

The most notable find in this study was that 57% of babies had survived at 2 years (corrected age).

It's a small study. Only 87 babies were involved. And it was over a very long period (1987-2011).

So included in this study were babies who did not benefit from today's technologies.

There was follow up on 44 of 50 survivors at 2 years corrected age.

Sixty-six per cent (29/44) were diagnosed with moderate-to-severe neurological impairment.

Multiples pregnancy and lower birth rate were associated with mortality.

Without reading too much into it, I find this article encouraging. It makes the case for resuscitation for babies at 23 weeks.

Not that every baby should be resuscitated. There are, of course, some babies whose condition is so hopeless they should be allowed to die.

But it suggests that perhaps otherwise healthy babies at 23 weeks should be resuscitated and given a chance to survive.