Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It Would Help if Muslims Stopped Feeling Chronically Offended

Egyptian cleric warns Charlie Hebdo against publishing new 'racist' cartoons

"This is an unwarranted provocation against the feelings of ... Muslims around the world."

This reminds me of when White Supremacists used to "warn" Blacks about being provocative.

For the sake of all, you understand. It'd be a shame if something bad were to happen to them.

The Grand Mufti's office called on the French government to reject what he called the "racist act" by Charlie Hebdo, accusing the newspaper of seeking to provoke "religious strife... and deepen hatred." 

These cartoonists just love it when Muslims go crazy over Muhammed pictures. It rewards them and it makes their point.

And did shooting people make it any better? No. It made Charlie Hebdo even more popular.

If you want them to stop making those cartoons, then you have to either shut up, or one up them in your response.