Tuesday, January 13, 2015

POEM: I am Charlie

childfree manboy
who talks tough
stalking his prey
on his XBox
three hours a night
(six on weekends)
who sodomized two men last night
and prude-shamed two women
while denouncing their beliefs as a bunch of fairytales
in all his pot-smoking libertarian-socialist sophistication
and then went for a 900-calorie snack at McDonald's
and thought about looking into Slimband

you can read his profanity-laced support for free speech on his facebook
his digital lolling at the imam kissing the pope like it's
21st century Benny Hill
all in the defense of laicité

no time for fanatics and especially losers
who believe in Muhammed or Jesus, who
by the way, had he been God
would have come down from the cross

(Just wrote it off the top of my head).