Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Link Dump: Catholic Cardinals, Abortion, Contraception, Sex Ed,


Global Warming and Pagan Emptiness. An interview with Cardinal Pell. I love that Cardinal.

The Economist has an article about the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Cardinal-elect Pierre Nguyen Van Thon is a conservative voice, very pro-life. You have to understand one thing about Pope Francis: he doesn't care about the left-right divide in the Church. He wants people who are on board with his vision, regardless of their theology. He also wants to "spread the wealth" when it comes to handing out Red Hats, so he's looking to reach out to more remote corners of the world to find new princes of the Church. That could be a good thing for the cause of orthodoxy. I'm looking forward to Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan being named, and I don't care if he's only an auxiliary bishop.

And I have tried to find more info about Cardinal-elect Mamberti, the successor of Cardinal Burke at the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. Mamberti has totally operated under the radar and I can't find anything of substance about his theology. He doesn't normally give interviews, and I listened to one he gave Vatican Radio in French. Like a good diplomat that he is, he didn't give a lot of biting or juicy remarks. Lots of cliches. But I did read that his big concerns are moral relativism, religious freedom, and the erosion of conscience. This could be a good sign ...

Heresy Hunter's New Year's Resolution. Kinda strikes at the heart of what's wrong with Pope Francis haters. They always come off as angry.

Report: ‘The Entire South is Hostile to Abortion’. The Guttmacher Institute states the obvious.

7 family planning trends to watch for in 2015