Wednesday, January 07, 2015

LINK DUMP: IslamicTerrorism, Catholic News

Of course you heard about the terror attack in France.

I am outraged.

Dear Islam: Your false prophet Muhammed sucks.

I am effing sick of your effing terrorism.

In other news...

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke on the Catholic “Man-crisis” and what to do about it

Why do Catholics oppose GSAs at the OCSB?

What’s Pope Francis Up To? It's like I said: he's spreading the wealth when it comes to cardinalships.

Pope Francis Raffles Off New Car, Old Hat and More I have observed actual hostility at this from self-professed Catholics. Like there's something wrong with de-cluttering and raising money for the poor. I even saw someone raise the spectre of seling the Sistine Chapel. You really believe the pope is that stupid? (Or is that evil?)