Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CAQ Leader Calls for Investigation of Mosques


François Legault, head of the third-most popular party in Quebec’s legislature, said a public body should be created to investigate people who potentially disagree with so-called Quebec values.

Yeah, we had that back in the day. It was called The Inquisition. It was begun to investigate people who disagreed with Spanish values. It did a real bang up job.


The PQ wants to adopt a secularism charter while Legault called on the Liberals to change Quebec's charter of rights and freedoms to include what he said were Quebec values, such as the principle of equality of the sexes as well as respect for peoples' sexual orientation.

Canadian jurisprudence already recognizes these so-called "Quebec values". It would be rather redundant.

He's really recommending much more than that.

My problem is not getting rid of radical Islamists.

My problem is the Orwellian idea that a government department should investigate dissent from so-called Quebec values.

Because if dissent is not allowed for some Quebec values, there's a very good chance it will not be allowed for all Quebec values.

Preach against abortion? Preach against contraception? Or sodomy?

That violates Quebec values! You can't get a permit to build a church!

It will be a reinforcement of the tyranny of le consensus québécois, the consensus that all people are expected to adopt, and if they don`t, it's perfectly acceptable to denigrate and marginalize them.

That's how Quebec works. It only allows for a very narrow of acceptable public opinion: and this isn`t just on pelvic issues. It's on a number of issues: economics, the role of the state, language, crime and punishment, etc. And if you think outside that box, there's a very good chance your ideas will not be aired or considered.

This is what Legault is appealing to, the kind of politics he's playing. There are a heck of a lot of disgruntled atheists out there who would vote for this in a heartbeat, but political correctness in the past has silenced such aspirations.

Now it's becoming part of the mainstream. And Legault might be on to something. That's the sad part. It really could win him votes.