Friday, February 06, 2015

Link Dump: ISIS, HPV, LGBT, Euthanasia

'4,000-Strong' Christian Militia Formed to Fight ISIS in Northern Iraq

Maybe Westerners should be encouraged to join.

HPV vaccine Gardasil has a dark side, Star investigation finds

I'm not against any vaccine that addresses a life-threatening medical concern. But I wonder if the risks are worth the benefits. According to the Cancer Society, 1 in 478 women will die from cervical cancer. That's .2% of women. Is vaccinating all women for this really worth it? Hmmm....

UPDATE: February 23, 2015. Toronto Star issues retraction of Gardasil article.

Christian bakers fined up to $150,000 for refusing to bake same-sex ‘wedding’ cake What threat to religious freedom? You will do as your told!

Scientist has Proof Church is Wrong How most people morally reason.

In the wake of the Carter decision, Albertos Polizogopoulos tweeted:

Here's his article. 


The Supreme Court’s refusal to admonish the lower courts’ failure or refusal to abide by the precedent it set in the Prostitution Reference and the Chief Justice’s treatment of the doctrine of stare decisis is summed up by her comments at paragraph 42 of the decision. These comments will, I believe, be used as a basis to disregard prior Supreme Court jurisprudence. The potential results include the decriminalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in the short-term (criminal prohibition which the court has, in the last two decades, found constitutional) and will, in the long-term, cause legal chaos, frivolous legal proceedings and jurisprudential uncertainty. The Chief Justice stated: 
[42] In my view, a trial judge can consider and decide arguments based on Charter provisions that were not raised in the earlier case; this constitutes a new legal issue.  Similarly, the matter may be revisited if new legal issues are raised as a consequence of significant developments in the law, or if there is a change in the circumstances or evidence that fundamentally shifts the parameters of the debate. 

The overturning of the law against assisted suicide has the advantage of contributing to the narrative that abortion is not settled jurisprudence. If the euthanasia ban can be overturned, so can abortion.