Sunday, February 08, 2015

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 Female feticide and selective abortions on the decline in Nepal after Indian Supreme Court bans ads for sex-selection abortions on Google and other sites.

How much does it cost to canonize a saint? About $250 000 according to this article from 2014. The topic came up in a question I answered on Quora. I just thought it was an interesting piece of trivia.

Sign this petition telling Parliament to block the court ruling legalizing assisted suicde. And this is equally important: PASS IT ON. Post it to your blogs, your social media, your forums and on your email lists.

The Wanderer Interviews His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke

Planned Parenthood regional CEO wants to de-stigmatize abortion.

The problem is, ripping off a baby's arms and crushing its skull will never be de-stigmatized no matter how hard you try. Women's stories about why they did it do not de-stigmatize it.

India: Sterilization is a shady business.

We don't use the phrase "abortion mill" too much any more. But "sterilization mill" is an apt description of some of these "sterilization camps."