Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ottawa Valley gynecologist resigns after failed abortions

An Almonte, Ont., gynecologist admitted he gave abortion patients incorrect doses of medication that resulted in fetal abnormalities in two pregnancies that went to term.

Dr. Michel Ronald Prevost resigned on Feb. 2 after the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario found he was "incompetent in his practice of obstetrics and gynecology."

"He displayed a lack of judgment and patients were exposed to harm or injury in his failure to properly screen patients for medical terminations, in his failure to calculate doses of Methotrexate on the basis of his patients' respective body surface areas, and in his failure to follow up with patients, including when he was aware that patients had on-going gestations after the administration of Methotrexate," the decision said. 
"In the cases of ongoing gestations, the patients' fetuses were exposed to risk of harm, in that they were exposed to Methotrexate and Misoprostol." 
Misoprostol is another drug used to terminate pregnancies.

And people wonder why we oppose RU486.

It's one thing to have an RU486 abortion in a big city. In a remote location, it can carry far greater risks...

And it's funny because feminists recommend mail-order pill abortions, but patients won't necessarily get the correct dosage. But no danger there! And follow up! Who knows if there will be a follow-up...