Wednesday, February 18, 2015

VIDEO: Vatican Official Threatens to Sue Catholic Blogger

Michael Voris at ChurchMilitant.TV has the scoop. It appears that Fr. Tom Rosica, Vatican spokesperson, has threatened to sue David Domet of Vox Cantoris for libellous blog posts.

I think it's extremely shameful for a Catholic priest to resolve an issue this way.

Catholics should not be going to secular courts over this kind of dispute. Father Rosica should have talked to David, then if nothing came of it, he could talk to his bishop.

Fr. Rosica has all kinds of media at his disposal, all kinds of clout, and here he is, suing a blogger. Vox has his audience, but it's miniscule compared to the audience Rosica has.

And how does a Catholic priest have the money to sue a blogger?

It reminds me of when Fr. Raymond Gravel sued LifeSiteNews.

Disputes like this should be resolved, first of all, person-to-person where possible. Then through clergy and the bishop, if the dispute is that important (and if they involve potential lawsuits, they are that important).

I cannot believe Pope Francis would approve of this course of action. It just does not jive with my perception of the man.

This situation burns me up. Even if Father Rosica is in the right (which I doubt) this is not the way to go about it.