Thursday, April 09, 2015

VIDEO: Why I Am Not a Feminist

I'm not a big fan of Men's Rights talking points.

It's not that I think they aren't true.

It's that treating these issues as "gender issues" is bogus. Should men get help for domestic violence? Of course! Does this mean that men are collectively weaker than women, and more discriminated against? Baloney.

These collectivist gender identities and grievances are ridiculous. If men want shelters for victims of domestic violence, they should just start one. Men are richer than women. But of course it`s not as simple as that, is it? Men are not a monolith. It's dumb to make male victims of violence a kind of stand in for all men.

Feminists seek to remedy structural inequalities. To feminists, it's inherently unfair that men have more money, power, influence and clout than women.

My problem with feminism is that 1) it's not inherently unfair because nobody is entitled to these things, and 2) equality will never be achieved. Women had children and are more people oriented, they tend to be content settling for less money, power, influence and clout. They prefer not to struggle and come out on top. Many are quite content to be in a pink ghetto job or a stay-at-home mom, far from the fray. Being a CEO might give you money and power, but it also means 80-hour work weeks. Do women want that? Few do.  Kathy Shaidle says women are lazy. I think that's the wrong word for it. I think women are more easily satisfied. A lack of ambition mean you're settling for mediocrity, or it could mean you're very content with the relatively little you have, and that's actually a virtue.  Women's psychology and biology make them disadvantaged in the rat race. And please, don't interpret this to mean that I don't think women shouldn't be in the corporate world. It's just that by nature, women will reject that world. They want to be with their babies. They want a job that doesn't hold responsibilities once they clock out and come home to make dinner.  Again, this is not a bad thing. It can be construed as a virtue. Instead of trying to make women something they're not, let's just respect men and women as they are.