Monday, May 11, 2015

Amnesty Wants Unborn Baby Dead

Secular Pro-Life:

An abortion on a pregnancy this advanced is performed by lethal injection to the unborn baby's heart, after which the mother goes into labor to expel the corpse. That means this poor 10-year-old is going to experience labor* no matter what happens. For that, and for all the trauma he has inflicted on her, I hope her stepfather rots in hell.
The only question is whether she will give birth to a live baby or a dead one. But Amnesty International doesn't even consider the idea of allowing this baby to take a breath. They're just using this case to push a "safe abortion" agenda. I'm afraid the days when Amnesty International actually stood up for human rights are long gone.

To say that this girl will die without this "safe abortion" is patently dishonest. The pregnancy is doing okay.  She is not in any danger of dying.

The unborn baby would be dead if Amnesty had its way.