Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Timing Is Everything: The Birth of the Pill. An article covering Jonathan Eig's book The Birth of the Pill. I'd read about it elsewhere. Eig's book is from a pro-abortion perspective. The other caveat is that it looks like popular history-- history not written by a historian. Since they're not experts, they sometimes don't pick up the nuances and other tidbits that experts do. Just keep that in mind.

The cult of natural childbirth has gone too far. I just want to say I appreciated my highly medicalized c-section births. Medicalization saves lives. "Empowerment" can kill you.

Duggar parents preparing to answer questions in Fox interview. Get out the popcorn.

I Was a Proud Non-Breeder. Then I Changed My Mind. Feminists wonder why doctors don't sterilize young women. This is exactly why. You can't just assume you're never going to change your mind.

On-Line Pharmacy Sells Strawberry, Chocolate, and Marijuana-Flavored Abortion Pills From India. Candy- and drug-flavored abortion pills from an online pharmacy. What could go wrong? Do you suppose these pills might be a little more palatable to underage rape victims? Hm?

He left the Catholic Church for its lack of art. The problem that I find with some believers is that they tend to accept doctrines one by one, but not Church authority itself. If you don't accept Church authority in matter of faith and morals, then you shouldn't be Catholic. If you do, you should. End of discussion.

NHS chief warns women not to wait until 30 to have baby as country faces a fertility timebomb. It might be a good idea to tell kids in their teens and twenties the realities of childbearing. Now mind you, there is some exaggeration in this scare. Lots of women can still conceive in their forties, but that doesn't mean that you're going to be one of them.

80 Influential American Conservative Websites: A helpful primer for Canadians, Part II An interesting little round-up.

Saving the Church by Msgr. Foy. A point-by-point guide.

This one I think would go a long way:

Request an Oath of Fidelity and Profession of Faith be made by all clergy, religious, seminarians (and teachers of the Catholic Faith) in accordance with Canon Law.

I would go even further: everybody in charge of a ministry or who gets a paycheque from the Church should recite it. Everybody should be on the same page. Everybody from the St. Vincent de Paul, to the Development and Peace, to the Knights of Columbus has to recite the Oath of fidelity. Nobody gets a platform to push a modernist agenda. But maybe start with the clergy first.