Friday, May 08, 2015

New Series at the Bridgehead: Pro-life Rescues

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The Bridgehead, the blog for the CCBR, will be featuring a new series about the history of the rescue movement. I look forward to their posts.

Some might wonder why we stopped doing rescues.

Rescues are a very taxing activity. You can do one or two or five rescues, but you can't do hundreds of them. Arrests and jail terms tend decimated the movement's numbers. I remember reading the recollections of writer Brian Austin. He spoke about how his rescues undermined his marriage and family life.

I'm sure a lot of marriages went south because of rescues.

It also put a bad face on the pro-life movement. Pro-lifers would have fared better if they had had Internet and Fox News, in order to have been able to tell their side of the story.

But it's just as well that they're not done any more. Sidewalk counseling does a much better and loving job of saving babies.

I think it's useful that we learn our pro-life history, to draw those lessons from it,.