Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Obligatory Bruce Jenner Post

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A 65-year-old man gets cosmetic surgery to make himself look like a hot young woman.

Does no one feel the fakery of it all?

Look at the man's arms and legs that Vanity Fair forgot to airbrush. Those are not the arms and legs of a woman. Those arms and legs make it all look incongruous: he has an awesome female face and to-die-for breasts, but the rest of him is very much masculine.

It's synthetic femininity. A 65-year-old woman does not typically have a hot body like that. For us plebes, aging involves sagging breasts, skin and wrinkles, with maybe a bit of a paunch. It also involves reconciling oneself to the reality that you're not the beauty that you once were. There's a psychological reality to womanhood that he seems to be completely by-passing through his transition.

Now the solution to aging to accept oneself as is. Accepting oneself: Hasn't this been widespread liberal secular wisdom for decades?

But the opposite is happening here: the rejection of one's body.

The idea behind that belief is that your body is only part of you. Your inner self is much more important than your body, and even if your body is imperfect, it's important to love oneself.

This wisdom was widely accepted until yesterday.

 Now a man goes through cosmetic surgery and can now lay claim to womanhood. He's never been a woman, hasn't had any women-related experiences, but he's supposed to be a woman in the same way that I'm a woman.

Did Bruce Jenner ever have a period, or deal with dating as a woman, or risk getting pregnant, or have a pap smear, or give birth, or do any of the millions of things, big and little, that women do that contributes to their self-definition as women? No. He never did any of those things. We're just supposed to believe that because he thinks he's a woman, he's a woman.

He says now that he will "get to know himself." What? He's 65 years old. And he doesn't know himself? Knowing yourself is what you do when you're an adolescent. Did he suddenly become someone else? No. He didn't become a woman. He's still the same person, the same guy. There's no new person there to get to know. Perhaps he means there's a new persona he needs to develop. But he's still the same guy.

The thing about transgenderism is that it doesn't stand up to logic. It's all based on emotion. Emotions are often contradictory. Any mature adult realizes that emotions are no basis for social policy.  The thing is, we're not allowed to challenge those emotions. The LGBT bully brigade makes sure of that.

And as a parting salvo, let me finish with a quote from Matt Walsh:

Last question for the people — particularly straight men — who claim there is no real distinction between a “transgender” woman and a real woman: Would you marry a woman who used to be a man? Would you look at this “former” man and think, “I want to make him my wife?”
Answer: No. You wouldn’t. You won’t. And you know it. Instinctively, when it comes down to it, where your life and love are concerned, you recognize the difference between a biological woman in all her glory, and a castrated man in all his derangement.

No matter how much Orwellian non-sense the LGBT police want to impose on us, reality always triumphs. You can't remake it. You work with it or you embrace it, but you can't always subject it to your desires.