Thursday, July 02, 2015

Pro-Abortion Blogger Calls Down Syndrome Children "Defective"

Anonymous blogger  and abortion activist Fern Hill calls Down Syndrome Children "defective".

Isn't interesting. In one breath she says "why would anyone want a defective, costly, sick child?" (Love maybe?) 

In the next she says individuals with Down Syndrome can be lovely. (see

And yet she sees no contradiction!

Completely un-self aware of how disdainful she is of people with Down Syndrome, reducing their worth to their "fitness". 

Yes, those people are lovely. But defective.

The eugenic mentality does that. It makes you measure a human being's worth by their physical qualities. But don't tell Fern Hill she shares that mentality with the Nazis. That's "going Godwin." No analogy to be made whatsoever! 

Hashtag Love Wins.