Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Blogging Update

Hello Readers

I know that I haven't been blogging much lately. I don't plan on abandoning Big Blue Wave, but I don't plan to blog daily like I used to. When I started Big Blue Wave over ten years ago, I had two kids. Now I have four. So my life is busier. I also have a large number of social media accounts. Social media offers me a bigger audience than blogging, so that's what I am focusing on. I still plan to use Big Blue Wave, but more for issues I really want to write about at length. Because these articles require a good deal of research that I won't be blogging every day. I used to feel I had to fill this space every day. I don't any more. Whatever quick commentary I want to make about issues dear to me, I can easily do it on facebook. It almost feels like it's not worth it to maintain a blog to write two sentences about an article. But for those articles that are longer than a couple of paragraphs, I definitely plan to contribute to my blog. So this is not the last of me, but it's a new phase in the life of this blog. I will editorialize when I feel I have something original to contribute to the pro-life conversation and when I think there's an audience for my opinion.

Thanks for reading.