Saturday, January 05, 2008

Exclude Pro-Choice Men from the Debate

From Mark Crutcher's Blog:

Now if your point is that men should be excluded simply because we can’t get pregnant, let me ask you about women who can’t get pregnant. Is it your view that the only women who should be allowed to have an opinion about abortion are those who are (a) fertile and still in their child-bearing years, (b) sexually active with males, and (c) not practicing birth control? If so, that is going to thin your herd even further.

I have also noticed that those of you who take this “no men allowed” approach, always seem to have an exception for pro-choice men. For example, I have never heard one of you tell that paragon of respect for women, Bill Clinton, to keep out of the abortion issue. Neither do you ever argue that the 1973 Supreme Court had no right to be involved in the Roe vs. Wade decision, despite the fact every member was male. You don’t even seem to mind that the overwhelming majority of abortionists who make their fortunes off women are men, and you never say anything about the male “escorts” who work at the abortion mills. You don’t even say anything about men who force women to have abortions. Evidently, the only men for whom you have contempt, and the only men you want censored, are those who think women deserve better than abortion.

As a woman, I hate the notion that only pro-choice men get to speak on the abortion issue, but not pro-life men.

I've seen this come up in debates many times.

I think it's sexist. As if men shouldn't have an opinion.

The whole: "if you can't experience it, you can't have an opinion" argument is ridiculous if you think about it for a moment. People don't have experiences of war, drugs, poverty, illiteracy, etc. Should they not have an opinion on that?

Really, it's a power grab to silence pro-lifers using male guilt.

Quite shameless, actually.

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