Friday, January 04, 2008

They lie at Canadian Cynic's blog

Blogger Lulu at Canadian Cynic's blog lies. But it's all for humour's sake. So that's all that matters. Isn't that the way of political lefties with an arrested social development? If you can't argue, mock them.

When your number one goal is snark, things like reading comprehension and logic have a tendency to go right out the window.

Take the case of Lulu's post in reponses to my post on Tanya Gold's column in the Guardian. Ms. Gold claimed that men want women to behave as stupid and thoughtless, and the proof was her little experiment in speed dating: when she acted "intellectual" men weren't interested in her, but when she acted dumb-- while asking questions-- she got asked out.

Not surprisingly, Lulu didn't get the point of my post. She thought I was trying to say that women shouldn't be smart. I did not write a single line to the effect that women shouldn't be smart or have opinions. But she didn't let that get in the way of what she wants social conservatives to think.

I wrote that coming on too strong makes people uncomfortable and...

That is why I don't talk a lot about abortion with other people.

Now notice the context. I am talking about meeting people face to face in real life. And I used the word "talk"-- which means to express oneself orally.

Does Lulu pick up on that? Of course not! And never mind that I wrote right after that line:

That's what my blog's for.

Again, they don't let their reading comprehension get the way of putrid "humour":

Suzanne, Suzanne, SUZANNE ... you have got to be kidding me. Let’s just bask in the sheer audacity of that statement for a minute, hmmmm? That is why I don't talk a lot about abortion with other people. Done basking? Good. From this day forward, that sentence will stand as a monument to the complete and utter hypocrisy that is Suzie ALL-CAPS (thanks, PSA). Every time she starts off on some fetus-fetishist rant I want everyone to call bullshit, got it?

So she completely ignored the meaning of the word "talk". She ignored the context-- I was talking about meeting people and having a conversation. She ignored the fact that I wrote that my blog is all about expressing my views on fetal rights

And then she called my statement "hypocrisy" and she calls for everyone to "call bullshit" when I talk about fetal rights.

I've noticed one thing about lefties: they're big on finding and denouncing hypocrisy, but I'm not even sure they know what real hypocrisy is.

In any case, she followed through with her resolution with a second post, writing a blog post counting how many posts I wrote since that December 29th post.

Now guess how many fetus-fetishist-related posts she’s written on her abyss of a blog since then. Nine. That’s right – nine. And each one is more hysterically alarmist than the one before.

A couple of dry posts on abortion statistics. One highlighting a woman's experience with abortion-- which was negative. One on the SD ban. One informing people of how much it costs taxpayers to inject a syring full of potassium chloride into the heart of an unborn child.

Yeah, they're "hysterically alarmist" alright *roll eyes*.

Now here's the part that really made me laugh.

In the comments to the second post, James Bow, actually gets it. He writes:

Not knowing the whole context here, I don't see the contradition in her statement. I take this to mean that she doesn't talk about abortion with other people in person. Instead, she prefers the comfort of the blogosphere where her ideas can be put down on a page, rather than shouted at on a public, in-person stage.

Hooray for people who can read!

Lulu, in the face of such obvious logic, responds:

I think you're making this more complicated than it needs to be, James.

Yeah, logic just complicates everything!

My point is that while SUZANNE says she doesn't talk about abortion much ... the reality is that it's pretty much all she talks about.

She repeats her point, without considering...Hmmm...maybe James is right.

No, no. Let's not spoil their little sneerfest. It makes them feel superior amongst themselves. Kind of like in high school when the dumb kids bully the smart ones, so sure that they were really the smart ones. Some people need a way to compensate for their lack of self-esteem.

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