Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Henry Morgentaler says: Respect doctors' conscience

The National Review of Medicine published an interview with Henry Morgentaler.

Some interesting excerpts:

Should doctors be allowed to conscientiously object to performing an abortion? Yes. One fundamental reason is that doctors should not be obliged to do things which they don't approve of themselves, and secondly, a more practical reason, a doctor who doesn't believe in it is more likely not to do a good job.

Feminists disagree. Wouldn't you know it.

Another excerpt:

A lot of people believe women are permanently traumatized by abortion. It's completely untrue. If an abortion is done in a good atmosphere like in any of my clinics women are treated with dignity and understanding and they don't feel traumatized. They feel they have made a difficult decision and fortunately there are nice, sympathetic people who are able to take care of them and they don't usually feel terrible about it. Though some of them feel bad about it for their own reasons, because they've been conditioned to believe that abortion is murder or a terrible thing to do. Women can be counselled here, and some of that can be neutralized by counselling, but not necessarily everything. Unfortunately some women remain with a sense of guilt for a long time.

I don't think Henry Morgentaler is very well informed of this issue. A lot of people who have abortions are staunchly pro-choice to begin with.

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